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Believing in the importance of values in business enterprises, Robert M. Collins notes that the loyalty that exists between employees and companies are of the utmost significance. At the inception of his career, he received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Haverford College in 1952, followed by a Master of Business Administration in marketing from the University of Pennsylvania in 1958. Commencing his career soon thereafter, he served the American Hospital Corporation in Glendale, CA, in myriad capacities. He started in the market research department of the parmaseal division in 1958, holding the role for three years, before delving into the sales department of the parmaseal division for the following two years. From 1963 to 1964, he served the corporation as a project manager of the parmaseal division. Subsequent to his tenure at the corporation, he was employed by COBE Laboratories Inc. in Glendale, where he notably served as president from 1967 until his retirement from the industry in 1990.

Interested in medicine from a formative age, Mr. Collins is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, where he enlisted from 1952 until his honorable discharge in 1956. Deciding to go into the health care industry, he recalls developing a prominent dialysis system, which allowed three shifts of patients to be treated by two shifts of technicians and nurses. He cites this accomplishment as an absolute career highlight. In light of his interest in health care, he maintained affiliation with the Health Industry Manufacturers Association as a former director.

Mr. Collins was named Businessman of the Year by the Colorado Small Business Advisory Council in 1971. Demonstrating versatility in his profession, he additionally authored two books, “A Legacy of Advocacy: A Tribute to the Life of Benjamin Collins” in 2011 and “The COBE Story” in 2014. Looking toward the future, he intends to continue enjoying his retirement and spending time with his family.

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