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Initially intending to pursue medicine, Gary Jon Jensen attended Wagner College in New York City, where he graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry in 1971. Discovering that careers in medicine were competitive, he decided to delve into research with postgraduate coursework at Columbia University between 1971 and 1972. After gaining prominence in his career, he returned to his education at Westinghouse Nuclear, where he received a Master of Science in nuclear engineering in 1981. Commencing his career as a research technician at New York University Medical Center in 1972, he subsequently served as an assistant scientist and scientist with Technicon Instruments Corporation between 1973 and 1980.

Soon thereafter, Mr. Jensen went on to serve Westinghouse Electric Corporation as a senior scientist for the following 11 years, followed by a position as general manager of Techstar Technical Skills Training and Research from 1991 to 2003. During this time, he became involved as a consultant and graphic designer, which laid the foundation for the remainder of his career. In 2003, he founded his own graphic design firm, JENSENART™, serving as owner and principal. He has also been a consultant and freelance graphic designer in Idaho Falls, ID, since 1988.

Maintaining affiliation with the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Mr. Jensen believes that having a firm grasp of writing and language is essential to working in the design industry.Inspired by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, whom Mr. Jensen  believes was a master at writing, he intends to never stop learning throughout the course of his life, insisting that language and education are ever evolving. What is learned today may be obsolete five years from now. Looking toward the future, Mr. Jensen intends to experience the continued growth and success of his design firm.

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