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Dividing his career into three distinct entities, Edward W. Scott Jr. enjoyed his nearly 60-year long career in government, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. Commencing his career as a personnel specialist and staff assistant to the director of personnel with the Panama Canal Company beginning in 1962, he also served such government organizations as the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of Justice in myriad roles between 1966 and 1980. Transitioning to more executive roles in the technology industry, he was the president of Office Power Inc. in Washington, DC, the director of marketing of Computer Consoles Inc., and vice president of marketing at Dest Systems. Later on in his career, he served Sun Microsystems and Pyramid Technology in Mountain View, CA, prior to co-founding his own firm, BEA Systems Inc., in 1995.

Equally passionate about philanthropy, particularly in giving back to his local community, Mr. Scott was the chair of the Center for Global Development, which he co-founded with Bill Gates and George Soros. Likewise, he was the founder and chair of Friends of the Global Fight, founder and president of EScottVentures Inc., owner and chair of the Kriz Tennis Club, and president of the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Credit Union. Spending the last 15 years of his career in public service, he strives to invest in emerging companies who have a terrific mission in an effort to help them become successful.

Currently, Mr. Scott is working with a company that recycles textiles, which will undoubtedly help in reducing carbon emissions and aid in the protection of the environment. In light of his outstanding contributions to his many industries, he received a Presidential Management Improvement Certificate, a Special Commendation Award from the U.S. Department of Justice, a Special Achievement Award, and the William A. Jump Memorial Award. In addition to these feats, he also was a Michigan State University Scholar while he was an undergraduate student.

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