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Interested in dealing with people of all walks of life from an early age, Louvell A. Anderson, DD, commenced his teaching career in 1965 and has since taught at every level, from elementary to secondary and now college. A former teacher in Illinois, California, and Louisiana, he has been serving as an overseer, executive director and bishop with the Old Camp Ground for several years. In addition to these appointments, he has been an overseer and apostle with the Lighthouse Evangelistic Prayer Cathedral in Los Angeles, CA, since 1998, as well as a professor at Chicago Baptist Institute International since 2014.

Recently, Dr. Anderson attended a conference in Africa in 2018, which was comprised of 14 churches. He also attended a summit in Africa, which was composed of 10 churches. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Germany, Russia, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, France, England, Greece, West Africa, South Africa and Bermuda. During his tenure, he was also honored as guest speaker for Bishop Na, the presiding bishop over the Pentecostal Holiness Churches of Korea in 1985, and he had the singular honor of holding a revival at the White River Reservation in Arizona for the Apache Indians with over 1,500 Apaches in attendance.

Honored as one of 3,000 Noted American Businessmen in 1993, Dr. Anderson was listed in Who’s Who in California and received a Letter of Commendation from former Governor George Deukmejian of California in 1989. Earlier in his career, he was named one of the Nation’s Top Public Speakers by the American Institute of Banking in 1972. Likewise, he has been presented with myriad awards and commendations from federal, state, and local governments, including Letters of Commendation from former President Gerald Ford, former President George Bush, and former President Bill Clinton.

Dr. Anderson is going to Uganda with the Old Camp Ground to conduct a conference of 500 preachers. They are registered with the government of Uganda, as well as Kenya. Looking toward the future, he intends to travel across the globe to the missions he has established and teach.

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