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John Maron Abowd, Ph.D., is a noted economist and educator who has been serving the United States Census Bureau as chief scientist and associate director for research and methodology since 2016. Alongside this role, he has demonstrated versatility in his field as an Edmund Ezra day professor of economics, statistics, and information science at Cornell University since 1987. Prior to these positions, he served the National Bureau of Economic Research as a research associate, the United States Census Bureau as a distinguished senior research fellow, and the University of Chicago as an assistant professor and associate professor of econometrics and industrial relations. Much earlier in his career, Dr. Abowd acted as a research associate at the National Opinion Research Center and the London School of Economics. He commenced his career in 1976 as an instructor and assistant professor at Princeton University.

Influenced by his many mentors, including his graduate thesis advisor Arnold Zellner, labor economist Orley Ashenfelter, and associate director of the United States Census Bureau Nancy Gordon, Dr. Abowd learned how to apply his professional skills to become a renowned and sought-after statistician. During his tenure, he authored three books: “The Microeconometrics of Human-Resource Management” in 1996, “Immigration, Trade, and the Labor Market” in 1991, and “Managing Higher Education” in 1981. He has further contributed myriad articles to professional journals.

The recipient of a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame, and Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Chicago, Dr. Abowd has garnered multiple accolades throughout his career. He is a fellow of the Society of Labor Economists, the American Statistical Association, and the Econometric Society, and he also received two awards from the American Statistical Association, the Roger Herriot Award and the Julius Shiskin Award. Married to Janet Mary Cullen with three children, Dr. Abowd credits his success to his wife, who was a French teacher and associate principal at Ithaca High School. Valuing their relationship and ability to raise three children, he appreciates the sacrifices she made throughout their life together.

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