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As a young woman, there were many things that Elizabeth Franz Albert wanted to pursue in her life. She originally wanted to study medicine, ballet or architecture. She was also always interested in interior design. However, she was diagnosed with a bacterial disease as a teenager and was often too sick to pursue any of those fields. Despite her ailments, however, Ms. Albert was very bright and decided to channel her passion into art. As a painter, she has exhibited portraits and still life paintings. She has remained interested in medical research and served as an editor and contributor to biology textbooks. Also, when studying at Chevy Chase Junior College, she helped to design a house with the architectural field.

In addition, Ms. Albert is a dedicated environmentalist and organic gardener. She believes that she has a moral obligation to preserve the environment. She was previously a member of the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois and she campaigned against a harmful herbicide used by various lawn care companies and farmers. In her career, Ms. Albert also strived as an investor in the stock market. Her father offered her his seat in the New York Stock Exchange because he trusted her ability to buy stocks. Her father also owned property that was placed in trusts and she decided to buy it herself with stocks.

In her spare time outside of work, Ms. Albert enjoys music, renovating houses, antiques, gardening and reading. However, her utmost passion is dog breeding, particularly the breeding of champion poodles. Enthralled with the profession, she has dedicated herself to this interest. Notably, she had the number two miniature poodle in Canada in 2003. In addition, she had two dogs showcased at the Westminster Dog Show.

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