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Motivated by hard work and determination, Cynthia Blodgett-Griffin, PhD is dedicated to helping adult graduate students reach their academic goals just as she reached hers. Dr. Blodgett-Griffin received a Bachelor of Science in graphic communications and  advertising from Minnesota State University, Mankato and a Master of Arts in adult education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While studying for her doctoral degree, she suffered from a traumatic brain injury and had to relearn everything she once knew. Years later, she was able to complete a Doctor of Philosophy in education and human sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her own personal journey inspired her to become an advocate and a source of encouragement for other adult students who are struggling to complete graduate courses. She now works at the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada as an online adjunct professor and an online course materials editor.

Through online distance education, Dr. Blodgett-Griffin is able to reach students who are motivated, purpose-driven and who are also trying to balance full lives with graduate courses. As an online educator, she has taught virtual classes with students in 23 different time zones. Her expertise allows her to help students in areas such as advanced qualitative methods, thesis and dissertation proposal development, and collaboration and mentoring in educational environments. In her current position, Dr. Blodgett-Griffin is tasked with teaching, editing and revising course content, mentoring, supervising and checking in on students, serving on thesis and dissertation committees, editing theses and dissertations, providing constructive feedback and criticism on student work, and watching students’ participation in forums and login analytics. Through all of her hard work, she has been able to positively influence her student retention rates to nearly 100 percent.

Dr. Blodgett-Griffin has seen many successes in her prolific career. She attributes these successes to advisers during her studies who served as role models and shaped her understanding of what it means to be a teacher. Dr. John Dirkx and Dr. Roger Bruning taught her to believe in herself and sharpen her critical thinking to hone her academic skills. Outside of work, Dr. Blodgett-Griffin serves as the current president, lead minister and adult education coordinator of the Wiccan Church, and has previously served with the prison ministry of the Wiccan Church. In her spare time, she enjoys organic herbal gardening, writing, patient advocacy for the elderly, and home improvement. Looking toward the future, Dr. Blodgett-Griffin plans to continue working as an educator and to begin training other teachers how to transition into online education in a manner that reduces attrition and enhances student retention.

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