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Bringing nearly 30 years of experience to her current position as a senior silicone chemist, Bridgette L. Gomillion-Williams, PhD is an innovative materials and product development scientist. Her accomplished career has allowed her to work with the medical, building materials, and health science industries. In 1990, Dr. Gomillion-Williams received a Bachelor of Science in polymer chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology and became an extrusion plant chemical engineer at Shaw Industries. She remained with Shaw Industries until 1992 and eventually went on to study science and engineering at Clemson University. In 2000, she earned a Doctor of Philosophy in polymer science from Clemson University and joined the Dow Chemical Company as a senior research engineer. Dr. Gomillion-Williams spent nine years with this company,  later becoming a product development specialist. From 2009 to 2017, she served as a technical research specialist at Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. For the past year, Dr. Gomillion-Williams has served as a senior silicone chemist at Quanex Building Products in Cambridge, Ohio.

With a broad range of expertise in materials science, polymer science and engineering, project leadership, and more, Dr. Gomillion-Williams is tasked with a variety of responsibilities in her current position. She uses her innovative skills to identify and adapt adhesive and sealant technologies in new ways for use in different products; she manufactures parts for medical devices, works with soft polymer foams, and conducts on-site research; and she supports and leads research and development teams, and writes and executes protocols. Attributing her success to her natural curiosity, Dr. Gomillion-Williams has seen many accomplishments throughout her career in science and engineering. Looking toward the future, she plans to teach at the college level and to continue pursuing new opportunities in her field in order to extend her expertise. In her spare  time outside of work, Dr. Gomillion-Williams enjoys golfing, reading, playing the piano, and playing the flute.

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