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Having pursued art ever since she was a child, Sophia J. Amm, MFA has become an accomplished artist and a dedicated art educator. She served as a nurse for nearly 30 years before attending York University in Toronto, Ontario in Canada, where, in 1980, she graduated with honors and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She later began teaching art at the YMCA in Appleton, Wisconsin and went on receive a Master of Fine Art from Norwich University in Montpelier, Vermont. Throughout her career as an artist, Ms. Amm has conducted art workshops, participated in festivals, and most notably volunteered as an art teacher for children and seniors with disabilities in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Ms. Amm began professionally displaying her artwork in 1980 when she exhibited in group shows with the Harbourfront Exhibition Gallery, the IDA Gallery, and York University in Toronto, Canada. From there, her work was displayed in galleries throughout Canada and the United States, including the University Gallery at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Her work was also displayed in Tokyo, Japan at the Saitama Art Center in 2008 and at the Gallery Brocken in 2006. Today, she continues to display one-woman shows, and most recently completed a group exhibition at the Loman Baush Building. In addition to her primary work as a painter, Ms. Amm is also a multimedia artist, having done installation, life sculpture, and video. The majority of her work takes on contemporary and abstract styles.

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