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Eugene H. Shively

Inspired to venture into medicine as an avenue for altruistic service, Eugene H. Shively, MD, FACS is an accomplished surgeon specializing in rural based general surgery. Throughout his career, Dr. Shively has used his skills and knowledge to contribute to cancer research as a cancer liaison physician with the commission on cancer at Taylor Regional Hospital. He has also passed on his expertise to younger generations in his field as a clinical professor of surgery at the University of Louisville. In addition to this, Dr. Shively is also a regular contributor to the American Journal of Surgery and other professional journals, often co-authoring pioneering texts such as “Threats to Rural Surgery” (2005) and “Practicing Surgeons Lead in Quality Care, Safety, and Cost Control” (2004). He also briefly parlayed his expertise into a position as a flight surgeon at the U.S. Air Force Hospital on Forbes AFB in Kansas from 1971 to 1973.

True to his philanthropic nature, Dr. Shively has frequently embarked on medical mission trips since he first traveled to Jamaica in 1987. Today he continues to travel to underserved countries around the work, taking trips to Kenya and Honduras every year, which allows him to gain further vital insight on rural surgery. As an accomplished and passionate surgeon, Dr. Shively attributes his many successes to his mentor Dr. Polk, the chairman of heart surgery at the University of Louisville, who inspired him during his residency in general surgery.

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