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Specializing in oil painting and seascapes, Barbara Alice Potterton comes from a family of artists and has been drawing since she was a child. She studied at San Francisco Junior College before embarking on her journey into the art profession. Starting in 1973, her career as an exclusive seascape artist took her to numerous art galleries throughout the state of California. She currently uses her talents to teach private studio classes in Rancho Cordova, California. As an accomplished artist, she showcased her acclaimed artwork in a solo exhibition at California State University, Sacramento. She has also received several Best of Show awards from the California Art Center in Roseville, California and the Stanford Center in Palo Alto, California. The American Society of Marine Artists also presented her with a Merit Award in 1970.

Attributing her professional success to her mentors, Ms. Potterton was most influenced by her teacher, E. John Robinson and her aunt, who was a well-known artist in Oregon. Throughout her career, Ms. Potterton has been proud of the opportunities that have allowed her to paint and develop her work into what it is today. One patron of her art remarked that her depictions of seascapes were the only thing that reminded him of the ocean. In her spare time outside of work, Ms. Potterton enjoys writing, reading, music, gardening, and bird watching.

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