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Born in the small town of Fort Edward, New York to John Long and Mary Catherine Nadeau, Michael Nadeau moved to New York City and began his career in 1975. While in New York, he became a student of Eli Siegel’s Aesthetic Realism, which helped him become successful. Professionally, Mr. Nadeau served as a purchasing agent at Maersk Inc. from 1975 to 1993. After that position, he moved on to Passaic Community College, where he served as a college service assistant and then a staff assistant at the Wanaque Academic Center until his retirement in 2005. In addition to his career, Mr. Nadeau also briefly worked as an actor and singer with Elbee Audio Players, through which he was able to work with blind performers.

A dynamic professional, Mr. Nadeau also took time to author a book titled, “The Adventures of Prudence Longface” in 1993. He also graduated from Borough of Manhattan Community College with honors, and received an Associate of Arts in English. He believes that his love of English, poetry, and philosophy allowed him to look at the world honestly. In his spare time, Mr. Nadeau enjoys boating, swimming, bowling, woodworking, and singing.

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