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Ms. Friedman started her journey into her field at 15 years old when she began working at Good Samaritan Hospital in high school. She spent her high school years working part-time with the hospital dietitian on the weekends and in the summer. She studied home economics and dietetics in college and received a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in 1953. She then obtained a dietetics degree from Massachusetts General Hospital, where she became a pediatric and research dietitian. From 1955 to 1962, she served as a therapeutic dietitian at Oregon Medical School Hospital in Portland, Oregon, at the Children’s Hospital in San Francisco and at Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco. From there, she served as the sole dietitian at the Jewish Home for the Aged in San Francisco from 1962 to 1965. She then moved on to become a therapeutic and administrative dietitian at the French Hospital and Harkness Hospital in San Francisco from 1965 to 1970.

In 1972, Ms. Friedman returned to the Jewish Home for the Aged as a part-time charter, and eventually joined the Sequoia Union High School District in Redwood City, California, as the food service director before retiring from the field in 1995. Outside of her practical work in dietetics, Ms. Friedman served as chairman of the Neighborhood Heart Association in San Mateo, California. She also worked with the Sisterhood Community at
her local synagogue and became the head of fundraising, for which she received a lot of recognition. In her spare time, Ms. Friedman enjoys baking, reading and gardening.

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