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Dr. S. Kay Rockwell is a distinguished and accomplished retired educator and evaluation specialist who has amassed five decades of professional experience in her areas of expertise. Most recently serving as professor at the University of Nebraska from 1990 until her retirement in 2003, she also served as an evaluation specialist at the university. Prior to these engagements, she held notable positions at the University of Nebraska, including assistant professor in cooperative extension (1984-1990), member of the advisory board in the department of adult education and social foundation (1984-1986), and an evaluation technologist (1979-1984). She commenced her career as an instructor and acting assistant director at the Lincoln General Hospital School of Nursing in the 1960s.

Alongside her primary endeavors, Dr. Rockwell lent her wealth of knowledge to workshops and symposiums in the field, and was a consultant and trainer to extension specialists and agents on program evaluation. Through her work as a health professional and nursing educator, she has dedicated her time to providing optimal services to prospective nurses and educators, teaching them how to care for patients with tenderness, compassion and ethical behavior. In addition, through her work with USAID, she has been active in aiding those less fortunate with the tools they require to lead healthy and productive lives. Throughout her career, she has traveled to more than 40 countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Israel.

Dr. Rockwell has contributed her insight mainly to professional journals. Furthermore, she served as a research-in-brief editor of the Journal of Extension from 1987 to 1990. A first-generation university graduate, she was recognized for her contributions to the industry with the Excellence in Training Award from her national professional organization in 1996. In addition, she was selected for inclusion in the fourth edition of Who’s Who in American Education, published in 1993.

Married to Leroy V. Rockwell since 1962, Dr. Rockwell is the proud mother of three children: Kent, Susan and Keri. In addition, she is a loving grandmother of nine grandchildren: Sidney, Alex, Kyle, Shelby Kay, Grace Madison, Allison, Athena, Serena and Luna. She is also the great-grandmother of one great-grandchild, Silas. In her spare time, she enjoys attending book clubs, reading and playing bridge.

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