Chiang, Y Frank 2131911_27287572 NewsletterA professor of law at the School of Law at Fordham University since 1976, Y. Frank Chiang rose through the ranks as an assistant professor to associate professor beginning in 1967. Prior to these appointments, he served as a research associate at Harvard Law School, an editor at The Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company and an associate at Yen & Lai Law Office in Taipei, Taiwan.

Mr. Chiang commenced his career as a student at National Taiwan University in 1958, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws. He followed this accomplishment with a Master of Laws at Northwestern University in 1962 and Doctor of Jurisprudence at The University of Chicago in 1965. He has since been admitted to practice law in Taiwan and the state of New York.

Alongside his primary endeavors, Mr. Chiang has been the president of the Law Faculty Union at Fordham University since 2000. He previously spent numerous years as an organizer and moderator for five Russian delegations to the United States with the People to People International ambassador program, as well as a leader of New York Judge and Lawyers Delegation to China and Hong Kong with the same organization. He additionally served Asia Bank, N.A. in several capacities, including as a legal consultant, vice chairman and a member of the board of directors.

Notably, Mr. Chiang is the author of “The One-China Policy: State, Sovereignty, and Taiwan’s International Legal Status,” in 2017, which can be purchased through its publisher, Elsevier. In addition to contributing a myriad of articles to esteemed journals, he has been recognized for his contributions to the legal industry with a 20th Century Achievement Award from the International Biographical Centre in 1995. Looking toward the future, Mr. Chiang hopes to continue educating the young, brilliant minds of tomorrow and expanding in his own knowledge.

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