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In a career that spanned more than 40 years, Pierre Evesque, PhD, dedicated his efforts to his life’s work as a physicist and researcher. Recently retired, he concluded his career in 2018 as a director of research for The National Center for Scientific Research, a public organization run by the French Ministry of Education and Research with the mission to push back the frontiers of science. Dr. Evesque excelled in this role since 1993, having previously served the institute as a researcher for 13 years. Considered an expert in his field, he came to prominence in roles such as researcher and assistant professor for ESPCI Paris and postdoctoral fellow for the University of California, Los Angeles. In addition to his professional work, he took on consulting roles for the European Space Agency in Paris, France, and for Pont-à-Mousson.

To share his expertise within his industry, Dr. Evesque has authored a number of articles including “Testimonial No. 1: Editorial and Reviewing Issues,” “Testimonial No. 2: On the Recognition of Actions of Powders and Grains,” “Testimonial No 3: On the Ethics and Compliance with Evaluation Standards,” Testimonial No. 4: Principle Use of Testimonials – From Science to Administrative ‘Reality’ and ‘New Scientists’ Fame” and “Testimonial No. 5: On the Harassment Suffered.” Dr. Evesque has also been the editor of Poudres et Grains (http://www.poudres-et, with most articles in English, since 1993.

Dr. Evesque’s education is the foundation of his career’s successes. He holds a graduate degree in physics from ESPCI Paris, which he earned in 1976. Thereafter, he attended the University of Paris VI (Now UPMC), where he achieved two doctorates; the first in 1979 and the second in 1984. To stay at the top of his field, he has been involved with the Association for the Study of Micro-Mechanics of Granular Materials, for which he served as president from 1997 to 2005. Dr. Evesque was also a member of the American Physical Society, the Materials Research Society and the French Association of Physics.

Looking to the future, Dr. Evesque intends to enjoy his well-deserved retirement while taking on passion projects that thrill him.

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