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Stephanie DeVos is a highly regarded educational administrator whose  lifelong love of sports paved her path to a rewarding career in higher education. Ms. DeVos currently excels in dual roles as the athletics and activities director and the associate principal for the Hudson School District in Hudson, Wis. This role came on the heels of her success as the activities director for grades seven through 12 for the Adel DeSoto Minburn Community School District in Des Moines, Iowa.

Ms. DeVos’ reputation for excellence as an athletic administrator was well-established from earlier experiences in her career. She previously coached basketball at the college level and at a Division 4-A high school in Cedar Rapids. Additionally, she has coached middle and high school boys and girls’ basketball, tennis, volleyball, track, and softball teams. For the success she  has garnered, Ms. DeVos has been presented with Coach of the Year honors four times and named an All-Star Coach twice. Moreover, in 2008, she was inducted into the Grand View University Athletic Hall of Fame.

When asked of her success, Ms. DeVos attributes her achievements to the support system around her. “I have always surrounded myself with positive people who have been an inspiration to me,” she says. As a strong advocate for students, one of her career highlights came from her time working for a district in Adel, Iowa, where she was responsible for developing the school’s athletic program into a perennial state championship competitor.

As an administrator, Ms. DeVos is credited with changing a deficit budget into a surplus, leading successful fundraising efforts, developing strong support and relationships with booster clubs, and creating a “Wall of Fame” where all students, including athletes, are recognized. Wherever she goes in the education industry, her reputation precedes her. Her colleagues describe her as very organized, hard-nosed, and a straight shooter with an evident passion for her job and students.

Before entering her profession, Ms. DeVos was a Division I college athlete and she was drafted to play professional basketball. “As an athlete, I am competitive and disciplined by nature, and I think that is why I’ve always pushed to do more, be better, and always chase after the next goal,” she notes. As she looks to the future, Ms. DeVos intends to continue enhancing athletic programs in the region and taking them to the next level.

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