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With more than 65 years of experience in the field of education, Robert L. Heichberger is recognized as a leader whose reputation of excellence precedes him within his industry. An award-winning professor, Dr. Heichberger is the recipient of a Distinguished Service Award from the Fredonia College Foundation, an Educator of the Year Honor from Phi Delta Kappa International, a Distinguished Service Award from Phi Delta Kappa International, and an Eponymous Honor from the Heichberger Family and Scholars Leadership Endowment. Additionally, Marquis Who’s Who has featured Dr. Heichberger in Who’s Who in the East (21st and 22nd Editions) and Who’s Who in the World (8th and 9th Editions).

Today, Dr. Heichberger excels in his role as distinguished professor at Capella University. Previously, he spent much of his career as an instrumental member of the faculty at the State University of New York at Fredonia. He first joined the staff in 1964 as an assistant dean of professional studies. Over the course of eight years, he was able to climb the ranks to become the acting dean of professional studies. Thereafter, Dr. Heichberger transitioned into the role of executive assistant to the president, followed by his most prominent role of them all: professor of educational administration. Dr. Heichberger remained teaching in this capacity for 29 years until his partial retirement in 2006. Along the way, he managed to take on additional opportunities where he has lectured and consulted for universities and at conferences nationally, as well as delivered motivational speeches.

To prepare for his career, Dr. Heichberger earned a Bachelor of Science
from SUNY Buffalo State in 1951. He then attended the University at
Buffalo, where he achieved a Master of Education in 1962 and a Doctor of
Education in 1970. Outside of his work in the classroom, Dr. Heichberger
has made a tremendous impact on his field professionally. Notably, he
founded the Graduate Educational Administration and Supervision
Program at SUNY Fredonia, which he directed from 1992 to 2006.

After establishing himself as a leader in the education sector, Dr. Heichberger began sharing the insights he developed. To do so, he authored a number of educational texts, including “Leadership Development: Theory and Practice” and a column in Observer Today. He also founded and produced radio programs, including three separate installments of “Focus on Education,” one of which he moderated. Now partially retired, Dr. Heichberger takes delight in writing creative works. In 2017, he authored two books, “The Happy Pattern Road” and “We Will Be Friends Forever.”

As he looks ahead to the future, Dr. Heichberger plans to continue enjoying his retirement while writing more books to share his love of writing with  people near and far.

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