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Professor Eugene H. McCarthy has been immersed in linguistics since the age of 12. Introduced to Latin in middle school, he fell in love with languages and cultures around the world; he later took three years of Greek and four more years of Latin. When it came time to establish his career, the decision to become a teacher was quite simple.

Since 1991, Mr. McCarthy has thrived as a professor at Middlesex Community College in Massachusetts, where he has dedicated his time and expertise to students studying  languages and English. Upon accepting this role, his reputation was already established in the education field. Beginning in the 1960s, he taught Latin, math and English in Boston-area high schools. He later taught Latin and Greek at San Francisco State University, where he also co-founded the school’s graduate students’ organization. Mr. McCarthy also taught English and humanities for the University of Maryland’s European Division, the Cambridge (MA) Center for Adult Education, and Massachusetts Bay Community College.

In recognition of his professional excellence over more than five decades, Mr. McCarthy is featured in “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” on several occasions. In 2006, the International Biographical Centre in London honored him as a charter member of their Leading Educators of the World. His teaching was further recognized in 2008 when Biltmore Publishing named him Professional of the Year, the only teacher ever to win that award.

As a writer, Mr. McCarthy has contributed to several local newspapers since the mid-1970s. His strong background as a writer led him to an exciting opportunity earlier in his career, as he served as a public information officer with the U.S. Small Business Administration disaster relief program and regional public relations director for that agency’s New York region. He was later assigned to the White House as deputy media relations officer for the historic White House Conference on Small Business, where he wrote speeches for the president and briefing papers for the council of economic advisers on small business issues. When he returned to academia, Mr. McCarthy brought with him a new perspective and expertise in an area that he hadn’t expected to pursue in his career. He notes that this experience was one of the highlights of his career.

When asked of his success, Mr. McCarthy attributes his achievements to the foundation that his education has provided for him. He holds a bachelor’s degree in classical Greek language and literature from Boston University and a master’s degree in comparative literature from San Francisco State University. He continues to develop his skills through his involvement in professional organizations. Notably, he is a charter member of Leading Educators of the World and a former member of the National Association of Public and Continuing Adult Education.

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