Reynolds, Douglas 2145187_34310379 NewsletterInspired by his parents, who were educational missionaries in China from 1947 to 1951, Douglas R. Reynolds, Ph.D., has risen to prominence as a renowned leader in the field of education. An expert in modern Chinese history, Dr. Reynolds teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels covering all periods of Chinese and Japanese history, as well as world history, at Georgia State University (GSU). He first joined the faculty as a professor within the Department of History in 1980, a few years after earning a Ph.D. from Columbia University (1976). From 2006 to 2010, Dr. Reynolds served as director of the GSU’s Asian Studies Center. His research and major publications emphasize modern China-Japan relations, focusing on cultural interactions between China and Japan in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Throughout the course of his illustrious career, Dr. Reynolds has gained advantageous insights through memberships with the World History Association and Association for Asian Studies. Furthermore, since 2006, he has served as co-president of the US-China Peoples Friendship Association’s Atlanta chapter. He has authored a multitude of publications, including “Mao Badges: A Window on China 1966-1969 … and on the World,” and “East Meets East: Chinese Discover the Modern World in Japan, 1853-1898 – A Window on the Intellectual and Social Transformation of Modern China.” Dr. Reynolds’ book, “China, 1898 1912: The Xinzheng Revolution and Japan,” which was published in 1993, was nominated for several national academic prizes in the United States.

As a testament to his significant contributions to the world of history, Dr. Reynolds has been featured in six editions of Who’s Who in America and two  editions of Who’s Who in the South and Southwest.

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