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Backed by three decades of professional experience, Bonita Valerie Saunders, Ph.D., has established herself as a renowned leader in applied mathematics. Since 1989, she has served as a mathematician for the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Applied and Computational Mathematics Division, where she has applied her expertise in the computation of grids and grid generation to help create the graphics for the Digital Library of Mathematical Function, in book form and online, which is used by mathematicians all over the world. Dr. Saunders has conducted research in applied mathematics, information science and computing in mathematics, natural science, engineering and medicine.

Throughout the course of her illustrious career, Dr. Saunders has remained an active and passionate contributor to her industry through numerous affiliations. She is a member of the AOA, Mathematics Association of America, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and American Mathematical Society. Dr. Saunders has co-authored several publications, including “Digital Repository of Mathematical Formulae,” “Adaptive Composite B-Spline Grid Generation for Interactive 3D Visualizations,” and “Tensor Product B-spline Mesh Generation for Accurate Surface Visualizations in the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions.”

Dr. Saunders received a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from the College of William and Mary, and then went on to earn a Master of Science in mathematics from the University of Virginia. She then received a Ph.D. in computational and applied mathematics from Old Dominion University, as well as another doctorate from the University of South Dakota. Since entering her field, she has been numerously recognized for her hard work and dedication. The Digital Library of Mathematical Functions bestowed to her the Gold Medal Award for Graphics Work and the Outstanding Information Technology Achievement Award. In 2017, Dr. Saunders received the ITO Outstanding Contribution Award.

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