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A fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Kirk Christian Valanis, Ph.D., is recognized for his expertise in the art, science and practice of multidisciplinary engineering. Today, he shares his proficiency for the allied sciences through his role as a theoretical mechanics researcher and professor at the University of Portland, where he has excelled since 1998.

Dr. Valanis’ involvement in education spans more than five decades, during which time he served as a professor and dean of engineering for the University of Cincinnati, as well as a professor for both The University of Iowa and Iowa State University. Between 1978 and 1986, he served on the board of directors for the University of Crete. Outside of his work in academia, Dr. Valanis has been integral in the field of research and engineering. His noteworthy projects include consulting for the S-Cubed division of Maxwell Technologies and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. These opportunities and the experience garnered in establishing his reputation and culminated in the creation of his own consulting firm, Endochronics Co., which he has operated since 1996.

Dr. Valanis became involved in his profession because he was always very curious about nature, such as how it works, what makes it work, and why things are as they appear. He notes that finding answers to these questions has been an ongoing and tremendously gratifying process. To share his findings, Dr. Valanis published “Irreversible Thermodynamics” and “Constitutive Equations.” Moreover, he has contributed his insight through articles to many industry-related journals.

In preparation for a career in engineering, Dr. Valanis attended the Imperial College of London, where he achieved a Bachelor of Science in 1955 and a Master of Science in 1957. Thereafter, he went on to earn a Ph.D. from Purdue University in 1963, a feat that he considers to  be amongst his greatest personal accomplishments.

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