Farber, Harvey 3691250_4003691250 Newsletter REVISEDHarvey Farber is tasked with the challenge of assisting Brookside Flavors & Ingredients LLC purchase middle-market flavor companies, as well as compiling research on all companies  that are purchased. Brookside Equity Partners focuses in private investments within several industries, including plastics, food, specialty manufacturing, financial services and more. Mr. Farber utilizes 50 years of experience in his field to dish out tantalizing flavors that reach our dinner tables and, ultimately, our taste buds.

Mr. Farber attributes his success to his organization and creativity. He creates great flavors and is well known for his work. His educational roots are grounded in Queens College, where he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science. Mr. Farber’s entrance in the field came as a surprise to him; he initially became a chemist and started working with General Foods in the flavor lab. After some time, the flavor chemist in charge recognized his talent and creativity, and recommended he go to a less-limited “flavor-house” that makes flavors for all types of products. He subsequently landed a job as a junior flavor chemist, making flavors that are on the market today.


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