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Thomas Lawrence Bosworth is an award-winning architect who celebrates four decades of professional excellence in the field of architecture and planning. Now retired, he demonstrates an expertise in all areas of designing and producing blueprints for buildings, including office facilities, hospitals and homes. He concluded his career as a partner of Bosworth Hoedemaker, (today known as Hoedemaker Pfeiffer), a multidisciplinary architecture and interiors studio that creates modern yet timeless experiences located in Seattle, Wash. Also regarded for his work in higher education, Mr. Bosworth was a professor of architecture at the University of Washington for over two decades. While there, he made an impact through his additional roles as director of the multidisciplinary program and department chairman. Other noteworthy positions that Mr. Bosworth excelled in during his career include associate professor and department head for the Rhode Island School of Design; visiting lecturer for Yale University; chief of architecture for the Peace Corps training program at Brown University; designer and field supervisor for Eero Saarinen & Associates; resident planner for Tunnard & Harris Planning Consultants; and draftsman for Gordon McMaster American Institute of Architects. Mr. Bosworth also took on opportunities to teach as a visiting professor at Kobe University in Japan and as a Pietro Belluschi distinguished visiting professor at the University of Oregon.

At his core, Mr. Bosworth is an innovator. He has always loved design, noting that when he was a child he knew that he wanted to work with his hands and bring his imagination to life. To prepare for a career in architecture, Mr. Bosworth pursued and completed his education. A graduate of Oberlin College, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1952 and a Master of Arts in 1954. To further support his career, he took postgraduate coursework at prestigious universities, including Princeton University, Harvard University and Yale University, from where he obtained a Master of Architect in 1960. Mr. Bosworth earned an honorary Ph.D. from Kobe University in 2003. Known in his professional community for his expertise, he remained involved in his industry through his membership with the American Institute of Architects, where he was distinguished as a fellow.

Mr. Bosworth attributes his success to his hard work, intricate knowledge of architecture and his passion for his work. In recognition of his excellence, he earned a Medal of Honor from the Northwest Pacific region of the American Institute of Architects and he was named a visiting scholar from the American Academy in Rome on four occasions. In total, Mr. Bosworth has amassed 27 design awards. As he looks to the future, Mr. Bosworth intends to continue in his work in his community while enjoying his retirement by pursuing new hobbies.

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