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Backed by more than 45 years of invaluable experience, Judith Katcher has established herself as a results-oriented executive business coach. At Katcher & Associates, a consultancy for which Ms. Katcher has served as president since 1989, she provides coaching and consulting services to C-suite and senior and mid-level executives, as well as industry leaders climbing the executive ladder.

Ms. Katcher earned a Bachelor of Science in communication and English literature from Syracuse University and then went on to earn a master’s degree in communication and English literature from Northwestern University. From 1972 to 1983, she served as an associate professor of communication and English at Pace University, Hunter College and the University of New Hampshire. Prior to the establishing the firm, Ms. Katcher worked as an executive coach for Women in Finance on the Way Up. Through this role, she designed, developed and implemented one-on-one senior executive and management coaching plans and programs for high-performance women in the finance industry. Today, Ms. Katcher maintains affiliation with several prestigious organizations; she is a member of the American Society of Training and Management, the International Women’s Leadership Association, and the National Association of Professional Women.

Throughout the course of her career, Ms. Katcher has received numerous recommendations from clients. A former client, Christine Brandt Jones, noted, “I have worked with her as my personal coach and have engaged her to work with people on my team who were ready to take the next step in their careers (usually high-potential employees). She always went beyond expectations, delivered results, and improved the skill and confidence of the people with whom she worked.”

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