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Backed by more than 10 years of unparalleled management experience, Fernand P. Talpe has achieved success as the chief executive officer of numerous national and international companies. He has served as the CEO and owner of Fertagro Trading EU in Belgium since 2005 and as the CEO and owner of NV Croenen and Carlier since 2008. Additionally, Mr. Talpe is the owner and director of NV Fernand Talpe in  Belgium, and the owner of Fertagro Trading USA. Recently, Mr. Talpe became the CEO for Obumex USA, an interior design and furniture company, as well as CEO of HealTech, a medical device company that aims to bring bio-electronics into the world of health care. Established in 2004, the company has been diligently developing technologies and prototypes with the mission to prompt a shift in the medical sector with applications in bio-electronics.

Throughout the course of his illustrious career, Mr. Talpe has attained expertise in many areas of business ownership, including international trade, sales, negotiation, logistics, profitability analysis and new business development, in addition to importing and exporting goods. Furthermore, he is proficient in the areas of sales team management, warehousing, business strategy, profit and loss, and maximizing synergies between suppliers and customers. One of his proudest accomplishments thus far has been becoming trilingual. In addition to speaking English, Mr. Talpe can speak Dutch and French.

A diplomate in business and psychology, Mr. Talpe has attained his education through his hands-on approach in the field as the owner of multiple companies. Notably, Marquis Who’s Who recognized Mr. Talpe as a Top Professional, which serves as a testament to his status as a renowned leader in his industry.

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