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After witnessing the supernatural healing of their grandson, Jonathan, who had suffered from seizures as a child for more than four years, Betty J. Walker and her husband felt God’s calling and were compelled to serve the ministry. In 2000, she co-founded Jonathan House Ministries Inc., and has served as a teacher and author. The religious institution is a healing and deliverance ministry with the mission of bringing freedom and healing to God’s people. Several years after Jonathan’s healing, Mr. and Mrs. Walker attended a church that taught spiritual warfare and learned that these teachings are still are in force today. Since establishing Jonathan House Ministries, they have seen many great displays of healing and deliverance from past sins. A renowned expert in counseling, spiritual warfare, deliverance and healing, Mrs. Walker is truly committed to helping others.

Mrs. Walker serves her ministry as its secretary and treasurer, while her husband leads the deliverance healing programs. He also offers the teachings. They have several great assistants who help them with all tasks and projects. Notably, Mrs. Walker has authored three books on healing and deliverance. She has begun to write her fourth book, titled, “Family Life Today!!!”

Mrs. Walker is certified by her pastor in Lufkin, Texas, where she learned about healing and deliverance. She also hold a 501(c)(3) ministry license. She has taught deliverance in several states, and has conducted healing and deliverance on hundreds of people from all over the United States. Looking ahead, Mrs. Walker hopes that she and her husband will continue doing what the Lord has called them to do, and that they will have deliverance and healing centers in many cities and states.

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