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A renowned specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine, as well as psychosomatic medicine and plastic surgery, Anke Scheel-Sailer, MD, presently serves the Swiss Paraplegic Centre as a research program leader and a senior consultant. In addition to her current roles, Dr. Scheel-Sailer is also a lecturer on cluster partner functioning and health at the University of Lucerne.

Presently, Dr. Scheel-Sailer’s research is focused on the implementation of rehabilitation and functional training, as well as pressure ulcers. She has also conducted research on children with spinal cord injuries, quality management in rehabilitation, and the application of comprehensive rehabilitation concepts. Furthermore, Dr. Scheel-Sailer has lent her expertise to several industry-related publications and book chapters, and has also served as a review editor of “Clinical and Translational Physiology.”

Dr. Scheel-Sailer received a Doctor of Medicine in human medicine and a Doctor of Philosophy from Witten/Herdecke University in Germany in 1993. She went on to work in several clinics in both Germany and Switzerland in order to expand and improve her knowledge in her field. Since joining her profession, she has been numerously recognized for her hard work and dedication. She was recipient of the Ludwig Goodman Prize for her special work in the field of spinal cord injury in 2002. Notably, in 2014, Dr. Scheel-Sailer received the Award for Principles and Practice of Clinical Research from the Harvard Academy in 2014.

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